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Terms of Use – Web Graphics by E-mail 2023


  • Client requests graphics or website.
  • Quote/estimate is provided (in AUD)
  • Client approves the quoted price and confirms project/booking to go ahead.
  • A deposit may be requested for larger bookings.
  • Client is provided with concept/s via a private online preview link.
  • Client emails feedback/changes
  • Changes are made and client views preview page again.
  • Client approves the design changes.
  • Final artwork files are prepared, or website is completed.
  • Invoice is sent to client.
  • On payment, client receives finished files as e-mail attachments, a link to download the files (if too large for email) or the website is made active on the world wide web!

All prices quoted in AUD. I do not charge GST.

If your project requires a quote revision due to a change to the original brief midway through your project, I will be upfront about any extra changes as they become evident. Typically, I do not require changes to my quoted prices.

As a small business, I am here to complete your work efficiently but the fundamental purpose of my business is to generate cash-flow. For this reason, website or design projects that are not completed within 3 months of the start date due to delays at the client’s end will be invoiced in full and I reserve the right to cancel any project that is unable to be finalised in a timely manner.

If you need to postpone a project, please get in touch ASAP, I will gladly invoice for work to date and then re-book your project for a later date. I understand that sometimes delays happen. 



1. Copyright remains with Web Graphics by E-mail until full payment is received.
2. Once payment is received, the client owns the finished design files ( not working files) and can use them immediately.
3. Payment of invoice indicates that the client are happy with the final designs, and will require no further editing.
4. An invoice will be forwarded on confirmation of your project booking. Payment to be made before any files are supplied.
5. Please check your design carefully for spelling errors (and ensure all contact details are correct on the final files too!)
6. We cannot control third party environments, so therefore cannot guarantee your design will print as expected. Your printing company is responsible for ensuring artwork meets their design requirements.
7. Any email, website hosting or other services with third parties are not the responsibility of Web Graphics by E-mail. If a third party website plugin, software, piece of code or other stops functioning or being available, any costs to repair or replace will be at the the customer’s expense and Web Graphics by E-mail reserves the right to accept or decline any requests for ongoing work on a case by case basis. 


  • All project files are saved for 24 months from the start date of your project.
  • Some files may not be recoverable past 24 months.
  • Access to files more than 2 years old will attract an archiving fee of $100 (if a backup has been kept).
  • If you want regular backups for your website, please contact me about maintenance plans for your website.
  • I can advise you about third party security options for your website to ensure you are protected from common malicious attacks or hacking. Most plans are paid annually and include a backup/recovery option as well.
  • Payment is for the finished files only. Original ‘editable’ layouts remain the property of the business owner of Web Graphics by E-mail at all times. You may request to purchase editable files – on request and at the designer’s discretion.

Direct bank deposit is preferred. Paypal is an option. I do not have c/card processing/merchant facilities.

Payment is due 15 days from the invoice date. Late payment make result in refusal for future work. If you need 30 day terms, please let me know. Existing clients are automatically set to 30 day terms. New clients are strictly 15 days and a deposit may be requested for large projects.

If a problem arises, please discuss your concern with me as soon as possible. I am flexible, generous, honest and completely respect that clients expect different things. I will be as accommodating as possible.
Note: Refunds offered as per the Trade Practices Act and ACCC guide to ‘services’ refunds, or in special circumstances at the discretion of Web Graphics by Email.

If you are purchasing the finished files only – you have no claim on editable/working files used to create the finished product.  Clients may request access to original/editable working files at a price to be negotiated.

These terms and conditions also apply for projects booked through my website – which is an alternative domain name only. The business provided your services is always Web Graphics by Email and the work is always completed by Ally Lamont.


You will need to make regular checks on your website after completion to ensure it is functioning correctly. I suggest at least once a week. Test your contact forms, any booking systems, and if you have online e-commerce, it is worth doing a test order at least once a month to ensure your checkout process is functional and payment processing is working. This is the ongoing responsibility of the client.

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that your website is appearing live on the internet and to report any issues as soon as possible by phone 040 754 3694 or email Clients should also regularly check (by doing a hard reload by holding down Ctrl + Refresh button on your browser) to ensure the website is loading properly. Sometimes, if you have a locally saved version of the site (known as a cache) then the site will load on your connection, but may not be online. You can use a website like this to check if your website is loading properly for others. It is very rare, but it can happen. If your domain name and hosting are not renewed on time, this can result in a website going down. If you update your core files for WordPress including any plugin updates – this can also cause your website to go down. Please do NOT update your plugins or wordpress without first organising for a full backup to be taken of your current site files.

Also, you must regularly test your contact forms, contact email links or contact numbers to ensure all points of contact on your website are in good working order. It is possible that with automatic website updates, WordPress updates or automatic hosting updates (some of these may happen automatically) that forms or code may no longer function as expected. I suggest all clients check and test their website and contact forms at least once a week and report any issues immediately.

If you wish to switch off any automatic updates for your website, please let me know on completion of your website. You will need to request me to update them manually, which comes under a paid maintenance fee.

Be aware that if you manage your own domain and hosting, if you do not renew those ON TIME, you risk losing your website and thus, will need to pay to have it re-made if the hosting company does not have adequate backups or do not restore your website. For clients who have their own hosting and domain under their own account, Web Graphics by E-mail is not responsible for ensuring these are paid and up to date.

For white label clients, where Web Graphics by E-mail builds the website on behalf of another company or business, there is a firm limitation on my responsibility for backups, maintenance or updates to these websites beyond payment of the final invoice. If an ongoing arrangement has not been discussed or arranged (or paid for), Web Graphics by E-mail, is under no obligation to fix, repair or re-build websites that are not considered in an ongoing maintenance arrangement. We are also not responsible for making back-ups or providing access to such back-ups. This becomes the responsibility of the client who booked my services to liase with their client as needed. As above, I reserve the right to accept ongoing work beyond the project on a case by case basis.